Asian Pork Chops, Sugar Snap Peas, Sweet Potatoes

  1. SUGAR SNAP PEAS:  Heat some garlic in EV olive oil in a large frying pan (I prefer a black skillet).  Toss the sugar snap peas in.  Add a little ginger powder, salt/pepper, and a dash of sugar.  Cook for 5 minutes or so until tender and transfer to serving dish and cover.
  2. PORK:  Marinate thin pork chops (w/ bone) in Ziploc with Asian Marinade.  I like “Veri Veri Teriyaki” but you can also mix, soy sauce with  garlic/onion/ginger powder for a similar flavor. Fry in same skillet used for sugar snap peas to reduce clean-up.
  3. Boil sweet potatoes and add a little butter, sprinkle of brown sugar and/or a drop of maple syrup.  Stir and top with a few marshmallows if you like.  Cover to keep warm/melt marshmallows.

One response to “Asian Pork Chops, Sugar Snap Peas, Sweet Potatoes

  1. My kids loved these pork chops and one loved the snap peas and the other loved the sweet potatoes …so it was a win-win for me!! I’m loving your blog!!!

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