Herb Roasted Chicken Breast (w/bone), Corn, Roasted Cauliflower/Broccoli

CHICKEN:  Place chicken breasts/legs on baking sheet.  Pour a little EV Olive oil, salt/pepper and Herbs de Provence on top.  Roast on 425 for approx. 30 minutes (chicken temp should be 160).  Take chicken out of oven and cover for 10 mins. until juice is clear.

Roasted Chicken - MOIST

Note:  The trick with thick chicken on bone is to cook at a high temp. and take out before it is cooked completely.  It will continue to cook under the foil and will be very tender and moist.

BROCCOLI/CAULIFLOWER:  Cut up broccoli/cauliflower and place on foil-lined baking sheet.  Toss with EV olive oil, garlic powder, good hit of salt/pepper, and grated parmesan cheese.  Bake next to chicken for 20-30 minutes.  Edges will be golden brown – yummy!

Roasted Cauliflower/Broccoli

CORN:  Boiled frozen corn (Silver Queen from Fresh Market) with butter and salt.  Easy and kids love it.

OTHER:  I made some Rice Pilaf.  I like the Far East brand but it takes 30 minutes.   Toasted some ciabatta rolls and we had plenty of carbs to balance our high protein meal.  Not the most colorful meal, but it worked!


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  1. Love reading about Mia. Good Luck.

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