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Laziest Chicken Noodle Soup

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I cannot tell you how many smart, educated and all-together fabulous moms, who enjoy food themselves, succumb to the “short order cook” syndrome.  If you are not familiar, this is the person who cooks something different for her spouse, each of the kids, and herself (if she has any energy left).  This amazes me.  Did your grandmother do this?  My favorite show growing up was Little House on the Prairie – I am pretty sure that Caroline Ingalls did not offer multiple choice dinner options.  Bear with me, I am on a roll….do starving children in Africa or flood victims in Haiti turn away broccoli with melted cheese or sweet potatoes with brown sugar/butter.  Hell no!  Why?  Because they don’t have the luxury and most likely, they are malnourished.  However, isn’t it ironic that studies show that our children (with all the options in the world) are also lacking in basic nutrition?   Sometimes, more choices do not result in a better outcome.  The new American Dream – less is more, go figure.

The Laziest Soup:
My kids weren’t feeling great so I cooked this soup in 10 minutes.  It works with or without meat.

  • Heat up 2 boxes of organic broth (I like to mix 1 chicken and 1 vegetable).
  • Pour about 2 cups of pasta in the broth (I like the mini shells but whatever works).
  • Slice some baby carrots and put them in the broth with the pasta and boil for about 10 min. (you can add any other veggies you have if you want i.e., celery, mushrooms).
  • If you have some leftover turkey or chicken breast you can cut it up and add it in the last 2 mins.
  • I sprinkled some parsley and a little black pepper on top for color (but skip if you want).
  • Serve with some crackers or bread and of course, a big hug.

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