Grilled Flank Steak and Asparagus, Baked Potato Spears, Purple Salad

Love Your Food Store Like Your Friends

We love the people in our lives for different reasons and each person has their own strengths; one friend might be a good listener, one might give good advice, another friend might tell you the ugly truth, and so on.  Most likely, it’s difficult to find everything you need all in one person.  I feel exactly the same way about my food stores, I love them all for different reasons and they are all good at something special:

  • I love Fresh Market for their meat and produce
  • I love Whole Foods for their cheese and bread
  • I love George’s Shop n’ Bag for their home-made deli meat and nuts/dried fruits
  • I love Sonny’s (Ambler) for their fresh fish
  • I love Trader Joe’s for their packaged foods and snacks
  • I love for their paper products and cleaning supplies (delivered for free!)
  • I want to love Wegmans but they are just a little too far!

Why do you love your food store?

Flank Steak:

  • Put a piece of flank steak in a Ziploc bag  and add ABOUT:  1/4 cup of EV olive oil, soy sauce, ginger powder, garlic powder, black pepper (don’t need salt)
  • Marinate as long as you have (10 minutes or 10 hours)
  • Grill on tin foil on HIGH for 5-6 minutes.  Flip ONCE and cook on MEDIUM for another 5-6 minutes


  • Wash and cut ends off asparagus.
  • Lay on tin foil and toss with EV Olive oil, salt/pepper.
  • Cover with tin foil and seal (poke holes on top to vent).
  • Cook with steak (5 mins. on High and 5 mins. on Medium – no flip required just a shake).

Baked Potato Spears:

  • Cut potato in half then cut each piece in half again.  Cut spears like you would orange slices (on an angle).
  • Toss in a Ziploc bag with EV olive oil, salt/pepper and onion powder.
  • Lay on baking sheet (line with parchment or tin foil) and bake for 45 minutes on 425 until golden brown.

Purple Salad:

  • Boil beets and cut into small cubes.
  • Boil (or microwave) baby carrots just for a couple mins. and cut up.  (You can add these raw if you prefer)
  • Cut up grape tomatoes and red bell peppers.
  • Cut up a mozzarella ball.
  • Add all veggies into bowl and toss with EV Olive oil, salt/pepper, a splash of rice wine vinegar and red wine vinegar.
  • Everything with turn PURPLE – even the cheese

How Can the Kids Help?

Did You Know?

  • It has been reported that Asparagus Therapy has been used successfully to treat cancer  (Asparagus therapy includes eating 2-4 TBS of pureed asparagus per day).
  • Asparagus grows upright from a crown that is planted about one foot underground.
  • Image of asparagus growing:

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