Breaded Pork Chops, Sweet Sweet Potato, Roasted Zucchini

Eat What You Know

Koreans are evaluated in 1st and 2nd grade to determine their strengths and appropriate career path.  If they show no musical talent at that age, they will not be given the opportunity to explore music.  They also go to school from 8AM to 10PM at this very early age.  It’s no surprise that they are not only over-achievers but are also under-emotional.  My question is….how do they really know if a child is good at something at such an early age?  It seems a shame and a complete waste of potential talent.

I feel the same way when I hear a parent tell me “my child only eats 4 things”.  Are the 4 things at least healthy things?  If not, can you blame them?  I once knew a mother whose son ate absolutely nothing for lunch at school every day.  Upset he would starve, she stopped at McDonalds after school.  Think he ever learned to eat at school?  Why would he?

We may not be able to make the kids like all foods (at least not right away) but we can control the choices we give them.  We can also continue to expose them to a variety of foods.  How do you know that your child won’t develop a taste for broccoli if they tried it once when they were 5 (didn’t like it) and never tried it again?  Let’s hope you don’t feel the same way about the piano.

Baked Pork Chops:

  • Dip pork chops in egg and then in bread crumbs (Panko or Italian).
  •  Place on parchment paper or lay chops on a cookie rack over your baking sheet.
  • Spray pork chops with a little oil.
  • Bake on 425 for approximately 30 minutes.

Sweet Sweet Potatoes

  • Peel 3 large (or 4 small) sweet potatoes and boil until cooked through.
  • Mash potatoes with 1 egg, 3 TBS of brown sugar, 3 TBS coconut (optional), 3 TBS butter and 3 TBS of milk
    (I like to use a hand blender).
  • Put in a serving dish and top with a couple marshmallows.
  • Bake with pork chops for approx. 30 minutes (make sure not to burn marshmallows).

Roasted Zucchini (Green/Yellow)

  •  Cut zucchini (I added fennel too) and toss in a baking dish with a little olive oil, salt/pepper and rosemary.  I grated some garlic into it too.
  •   Toss with ½ cup of parmesan cheese and bake with pork chops for approx. 30 minutes.

How Can the Kids Help?

Did You Know?

  • Zucchini blossoms are beautiful yellow flowers that grow at the end of a zucchini.  Some people batter and fry them and others stuff them before eating.  Never seen one?  Try your local farmers market – they go bad very quickly.
  • Try Zucchini bread – it tastes a lot like pumpkin bread!

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