Favorite Snacks

Sneaky Snacks

I once saw a show, “You Are What You Eat” where the British host forces a woman into a bathtub of pig parts representing all the hot dogs she was eating on a weekly basis.  She then went on to insult the woman, jiggling her fat and telling her how disgusting it is.  Finally, the host evaluates  the woman’s “poo” demonstrating the additional effects of her poor eating.  Only the British on BBC can get away with this one!  Jamie Oliver is a bit tamer while discovering that some elementary schools are serving pizza for breakfast and chicken nuggets for lunch every day AND most of the kids are given chicken nuggets for dinner by their parents.  It’s not the kid’s fault, what do they know?  It’s easy to judge them but I ask you to ask yourself, what’s my kid eating today?  Hey, nobody’s perfect.

Today’s Snack:
How many of your kids gorge themselves on snacks and then don’t eat their dinner?  It drives me crazy.  I would rather my kids eat a bowl of cereal AFTER dinner than spoil the dinner with too many snacks.  Do your kids sneak snacks?  Try filling your snack drawer up only with the snacks you want the kids to eat.  If you don’t want them eating cookies before dinner, don’t put them in the snack drawer or better yet, don’t buy them!  Have ice-cream for dessert….it’s much more difficult to sneak up to your room!

  • Apple or pretzels with peanut butter and chocolate chips
  • Cut up Banana or Strawberries with  bit of natural whipped cream
  • Celery with cream cheese
  • Popcorn (see popcorn recipe)
  • Mix some natural chocolate covered raisins on a plate of fruit
  • Mini Stone-ground Crackers with cream cheese or string cheese
  • Fritos:  Did you know they only have 3 ingredients (whole corn, corn oil and salt) – and gluten free!

What’s Your Child’s Favorite Healthy Snack? Write a comment to share your snack idea!


2 responses to “Favorite Snacks

  1. My kids love baby carrots…especially the petite ones with green stalks so they can say “what’s up doc.” I will continue to try and get them to dip them in hummus over ranch dressing!

  2. Love all the snack ideas! My kids favorite is celery with either cream cheese or peanut butter!!

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